Totorials and FAQs

If unfortunately you are experiencing difficulties in registration, logging in, changing of passwords, managing of dashboards or any other operation that is to be handles in the site, then this is the right page to get all the solutions right.

Vendor Registration

The vendor is the person selling their products in our website. There are different vendor levels i.e Basic, Lite, Premium and expertise. Each vendor has a differect role level with different pricings. To register as Vendor

  • Click on Sell With Us Link on the Menu Bar.
  • You will see the different Vendor Levels and choose the one suitable for your business or store.
  • After Choosing the Vendor Level, you will be able to start filling in your details by first verifying your email address
  • On the email verification, a verification code will be sent to your email that you will enter to verify.
  • After verifying your email and creating a strong password, you will be restricted to a checkout page where you will pay for your subscription on the the Vendor Level you chose.
  • Then on successful payment, a successful message will appear on your screen and you will have to wait for at most 24 hours for the system to review and accept your application.
  • An email will be sent to you upon acceptance to the system and you will  use your email and password to log in to your dashboard.
Buyer Registration

The Buyer is the customer who submits their product list request and then does the shopping from their dashboard. They buy products from different stores through our website. To register as a customer, or buyer, follow the following steps:

  • Click on Become a Buyer Link from the Menu Bar 
  • This will take you to a page with a log in form and a register form
  • Move to the registration form and enter your details as stated.
  • Click on register, and it will take you to your dashboard where you can request for a list pf products you would like to be purchase.
  • On registration, an email will be sent to you confirming your membership as a buyer.
Delivery Person Registration
 Delivery person is the driver or the delivery boy who will help us deliver our products to customers. They can also create an account to access the delivery services from their dashboard. The Delivery Person follows the following steps to get into our site.
  • Click on Apply to Deliver Link on the Menu Bar
  • It will take you to the Apply to be a driver page where you will fill in the details as required
  • After setting up a strong password and Registering, a verification mail will be sent to your email address
  • Click on the link to verify your account
  • After verifying, you will be redirected to your dashboard as the driver.
  • Please toddle on the Accepting Deliveries Button to start Delivering Selabaya Products.

Everyone, including the vendor and the drivers will log in using the Log in Link on the Menu Bar. On Logging in, Every Role will be redirected to their respective dashboard to conduct their operations. The Vendor has a dashboard that can allow them add products to their store, delete products, and do other things in accordance to their preferred Vendor Level. 

After a buyer has registered, they will be allowed to request for products first before they can be sent to their dashboard. These Products are requested by either going to the homepage and scrolling down to click the Request for Product button, or navigate through the customer dashboard links on Your Account and Click on Personalized Shopping. The follow the following steps:

  •  After Clicking on the Personalized Shopping link, a form will appear on your dashboard
  • You fill in the required Information in the form and on the Product list text area, Press enter to move to the next product
  • You can add additional information on your products and submit
  • On submission, the product request will be sent to the admin who will work on placing your items to the dashboard on your account
  • From there you can add to cart and proceed to checkout.

After the product request has been made and reviewed by the Admin, the buyer can now view their requested products from their dashboard. From there they can do the purchase using the following steps:

  •  Search for the product to be purchased
  • Add it to cart by clicking on the Add to Cart Button
  • Then click on the Cart Icon on the Menu Bar to access your cart.
  • Proceed to Checkout where you will be required to fill in  your billing and shipping details
  • Pay for the products and complete your order.
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